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Photography Challenge Day #187


The church of San Rafael located in Zarcero, canton of Zarcero, Alajuela, was founded in 1910 and was recently restored by local artists, both within and outside its structure. This church is part of the Francisco Alvarado Park and remains active today, with regular masses. This religious center, is a jewel of this area due to its aesthetic value, for its history, for being a part made by national authors, for the details hidden in each of its corners, for the care with which the painting works have been performed, which generate that surround sensation and three-dimensional, or for the color of light that bathes the attendees of the Mass, when it cross the light stained glass windows of the church. 


Photography Challenge Days 86 to 101

Day 86


Church in Guadalajara

Day 87


Woman in Capacuaro, Michoacan making tortillas to make quesadillas! They make the best home tortillas in Mexico!

Day 88


A beautiful day in Capacuaro, Michoacan! I am so grateful for God’s faithfulness and His beautiful works!!

Day 89


A beautiful flower that caught my attention!

Day 90


These people are artist! Everything they are selling they have made!

Day 91

DSCN8159This little boy is helping his mom bring wood for the fire to make dinner!

Day 92 DSCN8185

This lady picks up old boxes to recicle and get some money.

Day 93


House in Capacuaro, Michoacan!

Day 94


Mexico has amazing souvenirs! I wanted to have it all!!!

Day 95


The people group that lives in Capacuaro, Michoacan are called Purehepecha and they speak their own dialect! I loved living with them for a week, such a rich culture!!

Day 96

DSCN8210Selling chicharron with hot sauce!

Day 97


Here in Capacuaro the water is very limited and the one they do get is not drinkable so they have to boil it to drink it! We need to take care of this valuable resource we have!

Day 98


We had some of this amazing beans with jalapeños in it and some really good pork meat!

Day 99


Soccer (futbol) is the most popular sport in most of the countries in Latin America and Mexico is not an exception! Here some kids playing in the street!

Day 100


The purehepecha woman dress with special outfits and they are really good at carrying their children on their back.

Day 101


Purehpecha women buying their groceries! I love the life in community that these people have!