Some Wonderful People!

Team LA at the waterfall
        At La Paz Waterfall

These last two weeks I shared life with a wonderful DTS team from LA, California.
This guys came to Costa Rica to spread the love of God everywhere they go and they are doing a great job at it!

Through out these two weeks we went to Heredia and prayed for the city, prayed for people, talked to them, fed the homeless and even made tamales for them 🙂  help at the Heredia YWAM base and blessed some churches leading worship, doing dramas and sharing Sunday school with kids. Plus we had to attempts of trying to watch a volcano, but it was so cloudy that we could not see it. But we  did see the awesome waterfall La Paz 🙂

Sharing with the homelessMaking tamales to share with the homeless


Through my life in YWAM I have learn and decided to love and enjoy people as much as I can, even though I might just be with them for a short period of time. This team was a great reminder of that for me. Even though I was with them for two weeks I feel so close to them.

They blessed my life and loved me in so many different ways and I am grateful for it! I will miss these eleven wonderful people dearly!

Please pray for them as they keep doing ministry in Limón, San José and Panamá.