Celebrating God’s Faithfulness! / Celebrando la fidelidad de Dios

Dear family and friends,
I am so happy to share how faithful God has been with me these past few months.
As you know I finally got my gallbladder surgery this past September. I got very sick and had to go to the emergency room 5 times in one week, so they finally decided to keep me in the hospital and do the surgery. I got my gallbladder removed on September 17th.
After the surgery I got a pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas) which according to the doctor just 3% of people survive to this. Praise the Lord I was one of that 3%!
Eight days after I had the surgery the doctors sent me home but I still had a pancreatitis and looked really sick.
I started going to a private doctor and she helped me get better through treatment.
This last Friday I had my last doctor’s appointment and after some tests she confirmed I am completely heal from every sickness I had.
I do not have pancreatitis, fat liver, a swollen colon, ulcers or gastritis any more, I am completely healthy!!!
I want to say thank you for praying for me during this whole time, I want you to know that the Lord listened to all of your prayers.
Thank you to everyone who give money which I used for my doctor’s appointments and medicines trough this last few months.
All of you are a blessing for me and God used you to show me how much He loves me!!!

What I learned:
Through all of this situation I have grown closer to God, I trust Him even more than ever before. I have learned that He has a greater propose for my life than what I ever imagine. I learned that it doesn’t matter in what condition you are, if you want to be use by God, He will use you!
I understood that my life belongs to Him, that He loves me, and I realize that until the day I go to live with Him forever I need and want to keep investing in eternity,  proclaim the good news to everyone I can and Iove people like He ask me to!
I feel stronger than ever before and ready to do what He calls me to do and go wherever He asks me to go!!!

One week after coming back from the hospital and today.
One week after coming back from the hospital and today.