Hi everybody, I’m back!

So School of Worship has come to an end and it was a great experience!

In December I went to Costa Rica and spent almost a month there. It was so good to see family and friends again!  

I got the visa I needed for three years, the process was a little tough but God made it work – He always does 🙂

So I had a very good time at home and then I went to Michigan to visit a friend, so it was a blessing that God gave me to see the people I love.

With my Parents at Jaco Beach
With my Parents at Jaco Beach

I visit the doctor in Costa Rica and he found several things but the main issue was that I had some problems with my digestive system so I had to take medication and eat a special diet. After I came back to Montana I wasn’t feeling well and it was getting worse every day so I went to the doctor again here and he say that I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and that is what is causing the pain.  So I’m still under some medication and my diet has completely change. I would be really greatful if you keep me in your prayers that God would heal me and for my finances now that I have extra expences havig to buy my medication and food for my special diet.

In other news I finish the reading course that I started last year in spring but had to stop to start preparing fot the School of Worship and now I’ll be helping in the kitchen in the mornings and in the afternoons I’ll be praparing and working for next School of Worship in the fall.

Thanks for your prayers and for the time you are taking to check out my blog!